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The History Behind The Kastak Collection

The Kastak Collection, inspired by the region’s Ottoman past, is one truly like no other. Selim Mouzannar has combined Ottoman and Victorian jewellery traditions, with his own innovative sense of style, to create these modern heirlooms.
Selim, a traditionally trained jeweller, has incorporated the features and techniques of times gone by to create the Kastak Collection. The 18 carat yellow and rose gold chains are reminiscent of those used for Victorian fob watches. The symbolism of this timepiece inspired design feature highlights one of Selim’s main design philosophies; linking the past, present and future through jewellery.

This new take on vintage aesthetics continues with the adornments featured in the Kastak Collection. The trinkets and ornaments, each traditionally with their own personal connections to the wearer, serve as reminders of our past. The golden tassels are evocative of the Ottoman heritage which inspired the Kastak Collection and the photo lockets act as personal reminders of the wearer’s own family legacy.
The watch winder-inspired charms, adorned with diamonds, act as a symbolic reminder of time passing, familial legacies and looking to the future. All of the embellishments featured within the Kastak collection have been created with a sense of wearable opulence, embellished using the finest quality diamonds, sapphires, rubies, tourmalines and amethysts.

Each piece in the Kastak Collection is unique. Clients are invited to select a necklace with which they find a personal affinity. Through these trinkets, clients will be wearing not only jewellery, but also truly personal and sentimental treasures. For Selim, each piece is an heirloom and serves as “a strong and fresh message of life’s continuity.”
Selim has reclaimed the methods and purposes of the past, reinterpreting them into truly modern pieces of jewellery. These necklaces will look equally elegant on an evening gown, as with a simple white blouse and a pair of jeans.

The Kastak Collection has been featured in The Professional Jeweller, The Jewellery Editor, The World Gold Council, IDM Point de Vue, Selections Magazine and Vogue Turkey.

Explore the Kastak Collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.

Reaching For The Moon

The subtle, yet enchanting glow of the moon at night has been brought down from the sky in Selim Mouzannar’s Moon Collection. The careful selection of multi-coloured Sea of Tranquillity sapphires gives each of these pieces a unique, infinite reflection of moonlight.
Moon Collection rings with 18 carat gold and diamonds
These delicate, rose-cut stones are cast in irregular shapes of rose gold, creating the illusion of the moonlight itself being captured from the midnight sky. This almost hypnotising effect of the Moon Collection is heightened by encasing these soft hued stones in sparkling diamonds, creating the effect of the stars surrounding the moon in Beirut’s night skies.
The subtlety of this collection reflects the natural surroundings that inspired Selim. The carefully selected sapphires capture the light in a way that creates delicate reflections, changing the colour of the stone in different environments. This perfectly mirrors the vast array of tones found in the midnight skies of Beirut.
Selim’s thoughtful and balanced combination of a modern stone setting with these curated soft hued stones has resulted in a truly unique, refined and easy-to-wear collection.

The Moon Collection has recently been featured in Elle Magazine. Explore the Moon Collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.

Moon Collection earrings made with 18 carat rose gold and Diamonds.

Exploring Mille et Une Nuits

Selim Mouzannar is known for taking his inspiration from the history and architecture of the Middle East for his jewellery, and the Mille et Une Nuits collection is no exception.

Scheherazade looked to the sparkling midnight sky for inspiration for her one thousand and one tales. In combining the deep, intense blue of tanzanite with the infinite lustre of diamonds, Selim has evocatively translated the starry sky setting into this jewellery collection.
Mille et Une Nuits collection. 18 carat rose gold with Tanzanite and Diamonds
This fusion of historical influences with modern cut jewellery echoes Selim’s own design philosophy. Throughout all of his collections, Selim pays homage to the Middle Eastern heritage which inspires him, in an entrancing and contemporary way. In this collection, Selim captures the spirit of one of the Middle East’s most famous stories, to create these unforgettable pieces of jewellery.
Mille et Une Nuits Collection Rings made with 18 carat rose gold, Tanzanite and Diamonds
Delicately held together with rose gold, these pieces are as enchanting as the centuries old tales themselves. These modern pieces can be worn on their own, or grouped together to create, in Selim’s own words, “the celestial vault of the East” that inspired them.
Mille et Une Nuits Collection Bracelets made with 18 carat rose gold, Tanzanite and Diamonds
The Mille et Une Nuits Collection has been recently featured in L’Express, Madame Figaro and L’Orient Le Jour. Explore the collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.
Mille et Une Nuits Collection. 18 carat rose gold with Tanzanite and Diamonds

Introducing the Macle Jewel Collective

Selim Mouzannar’s design philosophy is all about creativity and innovation. His latest venture, the Macle Jewel Collective, is an ode to these principles. Using his expertise and experience within the fine jewellery industry, Selim launched this project to offer emerging Lebanese and international talent a unique platform to showcase their collections.

The new space, specially designed by Selim’s sister Pascale Mouzannar Allemand, sits opposite the flagship Selim Mouzannar boutique in the heart of Beirut. The clean and simple design allows the specially curated jewellery collections to speak for themselves.

These next generation designers were handpicked from around the globe, with some having previously worked for internationally recognised brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Marni. Through this project, Selim’s endorsement has given these designers a new stage, celebrating a mutual “passion for beauty and artistic talent.”

“Our designers embody the essence of creativity and artistry,” says Selim, “gathering together to form an untraditional and novel approach to luxury.”

As featured in L’Express, M Le Monde and L’Orient Le Jour.

Visit the Macle Jewel Collective at 82 Shehade Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut (opposite Selim Mouzannar) or explore the collections online.