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Selim Mouzannar: As Seen On…Emma Stone

This week, American actress Emma Stone wore Selim Mouzannar jewellery to the premiere of her latest film, La La Land, at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.
Emma Stone wearing earrings and rings from the Istanbul Collection
Emma Stone wore pieces from Selim’s stunning Istanbul Collection, including a selection of starry diamond earrings and rings. The jewellery, inspired by Istanbul’s glistening midnight sky, was perfectly paired with Emma’s ornate, sea-foam sequinned dress from the Atelier Versace Fall 2016 collection.
Selim Mouzannar Istanbul Collection
The actress, critically acclaimed for her roles in The Help and Birdman, was celebrating the launch of her latest film at the world-renowned Venice Film Festival. Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, La La Land is a musical comedy-drama about an aspiring actress, played by Emma Stone, and a musician, played by Ryan Gosling (best known for his roles in The Notebook, Blue Valentine, The Ides of March and The Big Short), who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles.
Emma Stone wearing earrings from the Istanbul Collection
The film, which has already received rave reviews, is due for general release in December of this year.

Explore the inspiration behind Selim’s Istanbul Collection in one of our recent blog posts here.
Emma Stone wearing earrings and rings from the Istanbul Collection with Atelier Versace Fall 2016 Dress

Mediterranean Musings

The Mediterraneo Collection is Selim Mouzannar’s way of paying homage to one of his greatest sources of inspiration. The Mediterranean Sea ties together the orient and occident, a connection that symbolises Selim’s own design philosophy, as reflected through many of his collections.

The delicate, almost invisible 18 carat white gold setting of the necklace creates a sense of lightness and effortless beauty. The carefully crafted spaces between each stone allows the natural light to catch each colour, creating the effect of the seemingly infinite, deep blue sea at the very heart of this collection.

When asked which piece of jewellery was his favourite, Selim responded “the Mediterraneo necklace could be the one.” This is no surprise when you consider that it took three months (and 1000 hours of work) to design and create this masterpiece.

Paying tribute to the Mediterranean Sea was never going to be an easy task. The vast array of colours and textures each needed to be represented; “the powerful blue of the island of Hydra, the coast of Lebanon that leans towards the navy blue, the crystalline hue of Formentera and the deep hue of the French Riviera”, describes Selim. So it’s no surprise that it took 245 individual and unique stones to complete the piece.

The Mediterraneo Collection is an exquisite, aquatic mosaic with each nuance of colour brought together. Selim used turquoise stones represent the waters around The Cyclades, while the aquamarine evokes the vibrant coast of the French Côte d’Azure. The exquisite Ceylon sapphires mirror the mythical blue sea of Greece, with carefully interspersed diamonds to quite literally reflect the sparkle of the sun catching the Mediterranean in all of its beauty.

The Mediterraneo Collection has been feature in Le Monde Magazine, Les Précieuses and Adorn Magazine.

Explore the Mediterraneo Collection online and in our Beirut boutique.

Celebrated at Couture with ‘Amal’

“For Amal means ‘hope.’ Assembling Muzo Colombian emeralds of various sizes and shades, the Amal necklace is a message of hope for a united and reconciled humanity, in a world where nature will have reasserted itself.”
Selim Mouzannar

Selim Mouzannar was awarded one of the jewellery industry’s highest honours earlier this month at COUTURE Las Vegas. The show, annually held at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, brings together the elite from the luxury jewellery industry, from world-renowned brands to new emerging designers. The event celebrates the talent within the fine jewellery and timepiece market, as well as uniting over 1000 designers, illustrious retailers and luxury press, for one exclusive annual event.

The COUTURE Design Awards, one of the highlights of this fine jewellery showcase, celebrate the creativity, design, quality and craftsmanship of the world’s most distinguished designers. This year, Selim Mouzannar was announced the winner of the Award for the Best Coloured Gemstones piece over 20k for his exquisite Amal necklace.

Amal, which forms part of Selim’s Transparence Collection, with over 100 branches of carefully crafted rose gold strands, uniting 47 handpicked Colombian Muzo emeralds, is a minimalist masterpiece. The addition of eight rare trapiche emeralds renders this necklace truly exquisite.

Trapiche emeralds are distinctive for their “tattooed” appearance featuring six-spoke wheels and are exclusively found in this region. The careful incorporation of these rare gemstones into the Amal necklace highlight Selim’s creativity and expertise, for which he has been celebrated at COUTURE Las Vegas.

For Selim, the Transparence Collection symbolises an ideal “where opacity and darkness do not find a place” and the Amal necklace is no exception. Selim’s careful choice of gemstones for this chef-d’oeuvre highlights this very message, for emeralds are the very symbols of love and hope.

This award is one of the highest recognitions for creativity and talent in the jewellery industry, with Vogue Italia describing Selim’s achievement as winning the “Oscar of Jewellery.” For Selim, it is an honour “to have won one of the most prestigious awards in the jewellery industry at the Couture 2016 event.”

Following the award at COUTURE Las Vegas, the Amal necklace has been featured in Vogue Italia, The Jewellery Editor, Exclusive Bijoux, L’Orient Le Jour and Les Precieuses.

Discover the Amal necklace and the Transparence collection in the Beirut boutique and online.

Selim Mouzannar: As Seen On…Emilia Clarke

Last month, celebrated actress Emilia Clarke wore Selim Mouzannar earrings during a press conference and photo-call at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City.
Emilia Clarke wearing earrings from the Link Collection
The English actress, famous for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, wore a pair of diamond earrings from Selim’s Link Collection, which she paired with a beautiful electric blue dress, while promoting her new film ‘Me Before You’.
Selim Mouzannar Link Earrings
Emilia Clarke plays the lead female role alongside The Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin. The film is based on the international bestseller book, by Jojo Moyes, and was released in cinemas from 3 June.
Emilia Clarke wearing earrings from the Link Collection

Selim Mouzannar: In The Press…

Last month, Selim Mouzannar’s jewellery was featured in an article on as part of an interview with the founder of Grayscale PR, Fallon Nachmani.

Nachmani heads up the public relations team that represents Selim Mouzannar in the United States. The article focussed on her personal, elegant style and how she incorporates jewellery in her look.

Grayscale specialises in representing luxury jewellery brands and for Nachmani “jewellery-making is an art-form.” Her fascination with jewellery lies with the “relationships designers…have with stones and the process behind creating a piece.”

The sentimentality of jewellery is important too, and Selim’s collections are no exception to this. Highlighting elegant star-shaped earrings from the Istanbul collection, Nachmani describes the femininity of Selim’s own designs and how they draw inspiration from the city of Beirut.

Read the article in full on and explore Selim Mouzannar’s Istanbul Collection on the blog, online or in-store.

The Keys of Beirut

The Beirut Key collection unites the soul of the city of Beirut with an ancient custom to deliver a timeless, beautiful jewellery collection.
Diamonds & Pink Sapphires
There is an old ritual, dating back as far as the Middle Ages, whereby towns would give a ‘Key to the City’ to visiting dignitaries. For towns, many of which would have been encircled by walls, this would be seen as a gesture of trust, respect and kindness, allowing the visitor the privilege of coming and going as they please.

Selim Mouzannar’s Beirut Key collection captures the symbolism of this token. The giving of a key embodies happiness, love and, ultimately, the key to the wearer’s heart. Selim has combined this emblem of romance with his own artistic flair.
Taking inspiration from the old architecture and soul of Beirut, this collection captures the essence of his favourite city. The delicate design, with Selim’s use of vibrant colours and kaleidoscopic gemstones in rose gold settings, represent the warmth, life and joy of the people of Beirut. The shapes and styles in this collection also pay homage to the city’s old architecture and Gold Souk, which lie at the heart of Selim’s creativity.

The key pendant, however, also gives optimism for, as Selim describes “a city often bruised but always alive.” In keeping with Ancient traditions, the key is a symbol of hope and freedom, it opens the door to a bright, glimmering future for the wearer. It also is a sign to the city of Beirut, that amid the city and country’s instability (past and present), there is still hope.
The Beirut Key collection is the ultimate romantic gift. For the recipient, it represents the key to someone’s heart, the endless love that they share, and a prosperous future together.
Blue Sapphires & Diamonds
The Beirut Key Collection has been featured in Martha Stewart, L’Officiel and Adorn.

Explore the Beirut Key Collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.

Selim Mouzannar: As Seen On…Amy Adams

Last week, American Actress Amy Adams wore Selim Mouzannar jewellery on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.



Amy Adams on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
The Golden Globe winning and five-time Oscar nominated actress, famed for her roles in American Hustle, The Fighter and Big Eyes, wore a selection of elegant, star-shaped rings from Selim’s Istanbul Collection.


Rings from Selim Mouzannar’s Istanbul Collection
Amy Adams paired the rings with a pair of modern, black diamond and silver earrings from the Link Collection.



Link Collection Black Diamond & Silver Earrings
The actress appeared on the celebrated US talk show to promote the launch of her new film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which she plays Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane, alongside actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.


Amy Adams on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
Explore the inspiration behind Selim’s Istanbul Collection in one of our recent blog posts here.

Images of Amy Adams courtesy of Getty Images.

Introducing The Hydra Collection

This spring, Selim Mouzannar is launching his much anticipated new Hydra Collection. Inspired by the Greek mythical island, and its surrounding turquoise waters, the Hydra Collection reflects the eternal beauty of nature.

The exquisite combination of apatite and diamonds, with each stone catching the light in a different way, capturing the splendour of the water at the very heart of this collection. However, the symbolism does not end with the choice of precious stones.
Double-sided, reversible rose gold necklace with apatite and diamonds
As ever, Selim has encased his designs in rose gold, with the chains of the pendants resembling ropes at work in the sea. Through the softly finished, curved edges, with irregular shapes and stone settings, Selim has evoked unique, ever-changing nature of the sea, which inspired this collection.

With reversible features, Selim depicts the ‘hidden depths’ of the mythical seas, with simple, minimalist apatite designs on one side, turning to reveal more delicate diamond combinations on the other.
Double-sided, reversible rose gold and pink sapphire ring with diamonds
The Hydra Collection, through its subtle features, alludes to the never-ending mystery of the deep blue sea. We caught up with Selim Mouzannar to find out more about this beautiful new collection.

This is not the first time you have looked to nature in creating your designs. What is it about nature that you find so inspiring?
Nature is everywhere. It is the soul of every life. The sea and ocean cover more than two thirds of the planet. They are a huge source of inspiration; the freshness of drops of water on the skin, the crystal blue of the Aegean Sea, the random forms of the pebbles below the turquoise sea, the chill of the sea on a summer’s morning.
Double-sided, reversible rose gold ring with apatite and diamonds.
What was the process in creating these designs?
The idea came first. I designed the collection and chose the materials in my head before starting the physical process.

This collection is really different from everything you have done before. The rose gold features much more prominently; why the change of style?
It is my message at this moment, in this place and in these colours. I can’t be trapped in certain methods or designs. I always follow my soul.

This collection feels more minimalistic than your previous designs…
This is a new message, which we’re exploring with new stones and techniques.

Did you have a muse for this collection?
Hera, the wife of Zeus.

What is next for Selim Mouzannar?
Plenty of work, with a strong new message.

The Hydra Collection has been featured in Libération.

This spring, explore the new Hydra Collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.
Double-sided, reversible rose gold necklace with sapphire and diamonds

Selim Mouzannar: In The Press

This month, Selim Mouzannar’s Beirut Collection featured in Stylist, one of the United Kingdom’s leading weekly fashion magazines.
As part of the Special Edition Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Issue, Selim’s diamond and sapphire adorned ring, from Selim’s signature Beirut Collection, was featured in a beauty shoot entitled ‘Through The Looking Glass‘, highlighting the top beauty trends this season.
The ring was styled with a top by London-based designer Ryan Lo, who showed his most recent collection at London Fashion Week this month.
Selim Mouzannar 18 Carat Rose Gold Beirut Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires

Selim Mouzannar: As Seen On…Greta Gerwig

This month, American Actress and Filmmaker Greta Gerwig wore Selim Mouzannar jewellery at the 66th Annual International Film Festival Berlin.

For the premiere of her new film, Maggie’s Plan, Greta wore Selim’s Diamond and Morganite earrings, from his signature Beirut Collection, with a stunning Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 black lace dress.


Selim Mouzannar ‘Beirut’

Diamond and Morganite Earrings
Greta Gerwig wearing Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 with Selim Mouzannar Beirut Earrings

(Image: Getty)
For the Maggie’s Plan photo call, Greta also wore a pair of Diamond Star Studs from Selim’s celebrated Istanbul Collection. She paired these beautiful earrings with a fringed dress from the Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. Explore the Istanbul Collection and Selim’s inspirations in one of our latest blog posts.
Greta Gerwig wearing Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 with Selim Mouzannar Istanbul Earrings (Image: Getty)
Selim Mouzannar

Istanbul Earrings
Images of Greta Gerwig courtesy of Getty Images