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Selim Mouzannar quoted in Yahoo Style by Julie Tong

Emeralds Reign Over the Month of May

The emerald is not only an exquisite gem, it’s also the official birthstone for May Why not celebrate the month when flowers start to bloom again with this season’s most beautiful emerald jewels in the freshest cuts and styles?

Emeralds, known for their lush green color, are thought to symbolize fortune and youth. To the Greeks, emeralds were referred to as “smaragdos,” which translates as “green gem.”

Interestingly, the first documented emerald mines date to at least 330 B.C. In fact, emeralds were highly valued in Egyptian culture, notably by Cleopatra herself, who sought the precious gem during her reign. According to legend, emeralds were believed to have mystical powers, from fortune-telling abilities to curing diseases such as cholera and malaria.

Today, emerald jewelry is considered a timeless and classic choicer consistently spotted on the red carpet by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr, and Victoria Beckham, to name a few.

Beirut collection by Selim Mouzannar : here

Selim Mouzannar quoted in Robb Report in a story about tsavorite by Rachel Garrahan

Tsavorite, a form of grossular garnet, is a relative newcomer in the ancient world of gemstones. The luxuriant gem, which ranges in color from a light to a deep grass-green, was first discovered by Scottish-born geologist Campbell Bridges in Tanzania in 1967. When the Tanzanian government nationalized the mine shortly thereafter, Bridges moved his operation to Kenya, where he discovered the gemstone close to Tsavo National Park in the 1970s. However, it was Tiffany & Co. that catapulted tsavorite to fame—Henry B. Platt, the company’s president, fell for the gem’s rich hue, and in 1974 launched a marketing campaign around the gemstone, naming it after the park near where it was discovered. Today, tsavorite is said to be 200 times rarer than emerald, and designers are turning to it more than ever—each taken with its intense green hue and extraordinary brilliance.

Selim Mouzannar

Lebanese jeweler Selim Mouzannar has a connoisseur’s eye for colored gemstones and was drawn to tsavorite when looking for dramatic color contrasts for his new black enamel collection. “I was looking for a bright color association around the basic blue-red-green, but with a fresh and intense twist,” he said. “I chose tsavorite because it is slightly brighter than emerald, with a metallic effect.” Mouzannar’s triple-stone ring spotlights a luminous tsavorite as well as a blushing rhodolite and crisp blue tanzanite ($4,220).

Robb report article : Here

Selim Mouzannar: As seen on Rose Byrne

The cast of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” looked stunning on the red carpet at the movie premiere held at SVA Theater in New York City.

The movie which is one of TV queen Oprah Winfrey’s latest project (she is the Executive Producer) was filled with celebrities that are known for their excellence in the African American community.

Rose Byrne, was one of the celebrities that walked the red carpet. She was very elegant in her flounced and flower dress. To match with her natural and colorful look, she chose the Selim Mouzannar three heads ring to bring a touch of high brilliance of pink morganites and blue sapphires.

Insta 2104

Selim Mouzannar Kastak necklace introduced by Mike Faist and Gigi Hadid in the Vogue US

Kastak story: from 19th century Dandy style to the 21st century VOGUE cover.

If “Kastak” sounds Turkish, it is because it comes from the Ottoman art of jewelry.

In the 19th century, Kastak was the watch’s chain model used to connect the watch itself to a key, ending with a number of gold tassels. Worn by elegant men, who added precious relics to the chain, the Kastak became somewhat a “Swiss Knife” of memory.

Selim Mouzannar converts this patrimonial jewel, a symbol of the successes of all Levantine ancestors, into a moving and emotive necklace, joyfully animated by colourful pendants, of which the winder’s key, adorned with a diamond.

In April VOGUE US, Tabitha Simmons styled the necklace on actor Mike Faist (from the musical «Dear Evan Hansen» on Broadway and upcoming film «Wilding»), alongside model Gigi Hadid.

The perfect illustration of the Kastak Story: a brilliant time travel from Ottoman culture of the 19th century to the runaways of Spring 2017 fashion mood, from the dandy style of the past to the gender-fluid style of today.

Jewellery Panel talk at Sursock Museum

A glimpse of the Panel Talk with Nada Ghazal and Selim Mouzannar, moderated by Katerina Perez and Michael Young. The Panel Talk took place during ‘Lets Talk Jewelry‘ week organized by Mariana Wehbe Public Relations.

jewellery panel talk

To the very serious questions of Katerina Perez and Michael Young, in front of a large audience at the Sursock Museum, Selim Mouzannar answered with his usual humor. To the question “where do you see yourself in 10 years ?”, the inimitable Selim answered  “on the planet Mars”. A pirouette for a jeweler who has already conquered several countries in the world.

Selim Mouzannar: As seen On… Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani plays the precious game of Amal necklace.

Isabelle Adjani was in Beirut at the end of February at a dinner given in his honor by French Ambassador Emmanuel Bonne at the Résidence des Pins. The actress was more fascinating than ever, adorned by the famous necklace Amal, winner of the Couture 2016 prize. This is a precious pink gold lace that articulates 47 pure emeralds of the Colombian mine of Muzo and 8 rare and majestic trapiche emeralds naturally tattooed by inclusions in the form of spoked wheels.

During the dinner, Selim Mouzannar celebrated the beauty of Adjani without ceasing to evoke the insolence of her role in Subway (1985). True to her reputation as a great actress, Isabelle Adjani payed the game with the precious necklace, giving us amazing images were the blue of her eyes beautifully compete with emeralds deep green.

An unforgetable moment.

The letter

Tradition is not a reactionary concept. This set of gestures, of rituals and values that we repeat and transmit, is a pillar without which our lives would be reduced to an egoistic and selfish pattern. At Maison Selim Mouzannar, a house steeped in history dating almost 150 years, we believe in the sharing of traditions, but above all, we believe in our ability to enrich them by creating more beauty and emotion. By combining our talents with those of our ancestors, we go beyond the rules of classic jewelry making through the use of a refined technical mastery that enriches our comprehensive knowledge of precious stones and their vast palette. To amplify our stones’ telluric and joyful radiance, we create flamboyant, powerful, colorful, inspired and contemporary jewels.

May the new year, whose threshold we will soon cross together, make your eyes shine with pleasure, new joys, love and serenity.

A character…

The first time Selim invited me to lunch, as part of my work as a fashion and jewelry journalist, he picked me up in his Vespa. This means that I held him in my arms before I even shook his hand. We went to Casablanca, a restaurant he likes because it overlooks the sea and allows his gaze to wander when the atmosphere becomes stifling. There were one or two newly hired assistants, therefore armed with necessary good will. I do not recall what we had talked about, but I remember that I was very focused, taking notes which the assistants dictated to me but which Selim incessantly contradicted, until the moment when, in all seriousness and with the help of several sips of white wine, he suddenly stood and threw himself on a chair head first, feet in the air. Faced with my jeweler in reverse, I was a little disconcerted. Following the logic of this face-off, I should have placed myself in the same position, but I would have been unable to do so. I was told that he would eventually seat himself like the rest of us. So I politely waited for it to pass. Back in my office, it was impossible to write this piece without remembering that moment, a first in my career spanning almost thirty years: an interviewee calmly posed on his head. Was he trying to be interesting? He didn’t need to do that; he was the only focus of interest on the table. Was I dealing with a large hyperactive child? It was a genuine hypothesis, but I stuck to another: this man always needed to change his angle and point of view. The same way a tailor examines the facets of his material, he needs to turn the world in all directions, never satisfied with the first image, incapable of being content with one single painting. As he could not turn the journalist, the assistants, the conversation, the restaurant, or the sea, he turned himself, and the story does not say what he saw. No doubt, as Rimbaud would say, he at times has seen what man thought he saw. He has the talent.Later on, after becoming familiar with this phenomenon, Iwondered what this hyperactive and great sportsman, this lover of movement and the outdoors, could do with a group of intellectuals with whom he surrounded himself with so much love. Where did this unfailing friendship with the seated ones, the immobile contemplators, those scrapers as beige as he is bronzed, as placid as he is agitated, come from? Certainly, his friendship with his brother-in-law Chebli had to mean something, but I did not know the beginning of that story. Once more, I thought there might be a similarity between their way of carving their words and his way of polishing his stones. But this is only a theory. The other hypothesis would be that Selim himself has an infinite reservoir of stories to tell, Balzacian stories, human stories, stories of morals, real vaudevilles that his craft’s elegance requires him to keep for himself. So he summarizes this forced silence with a cry that covers therest: long live life! Long live life, in an old straw hat facing a turquoise sea, and laughing self-portraits posted on Facebook for his friends. Long live life, nothing else matters; we don’t need other words.But this man who had to fight so many windmills alone, loaded by the weight of a tribe and an entire fraternity of jewelers manic with secrecy and rigid rules, this man who had to reinvent a style, who lived for six months in the mines of Thailand on the border with Burma and was close to being kidnapped by Pol Pot’s brigades, a trauma that led him to begin ceaselessly fighting for non-violence; this man who had rebuilt everything from scratch, even his family home that fell into ruin, and who created, between a couple of jokes, such a name for himself in the jewelry world that he returned from Los Angeles with the Couture trophy, the equivalent of an Oscar to a jeweler. This man who succeeded, despite possessing the temperament of a hurricane, to keep at his side the sweetest, most understanding of wives, and pass on the good-natured madness of great creators to his two children, this whole generosity and desire to change the world. This man, dear friends, is a character. A character in search of an author?
FIFI ABOU DIB (Editorial writer and fashion editor at L’Orient Le Jour, Editor-in-Chief of L’Officiel Levant)

Beirut’s Unbreakable Links

“Jewels representing a unique and indispensable link this collection reflects the multiple facets and various relationships between human beings.”
Selim Mouzannar

The Link Collection is a careful juxtaposition of raw, natural materials with the epitome of luxury. Selim Mouzannar has incorporated independent and seemingly simple elements, including wood and silver with a selection of precious stones to create this incomparable modern collection.
The contemporary styles quite literally interweave modern design with traditional techniques (highlighting Selim’s rich creative heritage). The incorporation of diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites, in a ‘simple’ setting has resulted in pieces of jewellery which could equally be worn with a pair of jeans or with a cocktail dress. Their beauty is within the seeming simplicity of their design.

Diamond and Rose Gold Necklace, Selim Mouzannar Link Collection
Symbolically, however, this collection is anything but simple. It embodies Selim’s own design philosophy and source of inspiration; the natural world. The unbreakable links represent our everlasting bonds with the nature that surrounds us. Whether a single link on a rose gold chain, or a bracelet made entirely of different links, this collection pays homage to our world and the eternal beauty within it.
Brown Diamond, Wood & Silver Bracelet, Selim Mouzannar Link Collection
The wood, individually, seems completely separate from the world of luxurious jewellery. However, this careful construction, incorporating sterling silver, rose gold, and interspersed precious stones, brings these opposing elements of nature and luxury together. As Selim describes it, “independent links from one another, yet striving to live together in harmony.”
Perhaps more than just a design philosophy, and one to follow for life as a whole…
Emilia Clarke wearing Selim Mouzannar Link Earrings, May 2016
The Link Collection has been featured in Madame Figaro, The Jewellery Editor, Vanity Fair, L’Express Styles,, BM&VOUS Magazine, Elle Turkey, Telva Joyas & Relojes Magazine and Marie Claire. These signature styles have also been recently worn by celebrated actresses including Gemma Arterton, Emilia Clarke and Amy Adams.
Explore the Link Collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.

Fortune Foretold

“As good luck would have it…” William Shakespeare

The Fortune Collection connects the horse stables of the past with the good fortune of the future. Selim Mouzannar has looked beyond Beirut’s last and modernised Ottoman opulence (not for the first time) in this beautiful collection.

As he describes, “long before the Beirut old jewellery souk were the Ottoman horse stables. It is said that good fortune directs the destiny of our lives and so this is how, with a glimpse of nostalgia, I remember and revive the fusion of ‘Fortune’.”

The Ottoman history is also a reminder of Selim’s personal family heritage. Coming from a family of jewellers, Selim’s great-grandfather worked in the old jewellery souks of Beirut, which were previously the Ottoman stables.

The Fortune Collection is a physical reminder of this heritage, yet, for the recipient, looks to the future. The horseshoe, after all, is an internationally recognised symbol for good luck. The incorporation of rose gold and opulent stones, renders these pieces of jewellery into something much more than your usual charms.
The sapphires, amethysts, rubies and diamonds, beautifully set in Selim’s signature 18 carat rose gold, the contrasts in colours and textures are brought together to create a sense of harmony. These can be worn individually as pendants or, for a tribute to Ottoman luxury (and for extra good fortune, of course), the rings, with their colourful stones, can be stacked together or, equally, with pieces from Selim’s other collection. The Beirut Collection rings would work perfectly, to add some extra texture and shapes.

These are truly sentimental pieces of jewellery, evoking memories of the past, both visually and in the techniques used in their creation. Selim, in his philosophical approach to design, is simultaneously paying respect to his own family’s past in this collection, while still having a contemporary edge.

The Fortune Collection has been featured in Professional Jeweller, Les Précieuses, People Magazine, Adorn, Lookbook, Country and Townhouse, Fashion Editor At Large, The Jewellery Editor and Red Magazine.

Explore the Fortune Collection online, in the Beirut boutique or at one of our international stockists.
Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Selim Mouzannar’s Fortune Collection in People Magazine