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Selim Mouzannar’s portrait – le

The digital Magazine Le Point has made a portrait of Selim Mouzannar in the article “Mode, joaillerie, art de vivre… La liste de nos envies” of February 2018.

It is when one discovers the jeweler’s past that one understands one’s works.

His Link collection symbolizes an ideal form of thinking: human solidarity in its diversity, where feelings are expressed without artifice.


The necklace set with blue sapphires from the “Transparence” collection evokes his attachment to the Mediterranean Sea bordering his country.


Moda Operandi Trunk Show

The journalist, founder and author of the jewelry online magazine, Marion Fasel, made a red carpet jewelry selection for Moda Operanti’s Trunk Show.

Among talented creators, the journalist chose Selim Mouzannar’s jewelry and particularly the diamonds stars from Istanbul collection.

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Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stones have already worn jewelry from Istanbul collection on red carpet.

The star, with five or six branches, worked outward and encrusted with precious stones, is the city’s true talisman. a reference for the seafarers, it symbolizes success, the will to follow, and self-confidence.

Discover Marion Fasel’s selection from  February 2 to March 16 on


The JEWELER by Selim Mouzannar: dedicated to vintage jewelry opened

In September 2017, the jeweler Selim Mouzannar opened a new shop dedicated to vintage jewelery, in the historic district of Achrafieh in Beirut, just opposite his eponymous shop which has existed for more than 20 years.


Coming from a family of Lebanese jewelers, suppliers to the Ottoman Empire since the 19th century, during his own lifetime he has acquired multiple experiences in the jewelry field.

From a childhood spent between his father’s workshop cum boutique and the souk of Beirut, he has retained his passion for unique pieces discovered by chance in the disorder of the souk, the frenzy of the treasure hunt, the mystery surrounding the history of each piece of antique jewelry, and the nostalgia for ancestral knowledge which has turned this erstwhile jeweler into an accomplished craftsman, an experienced technician, an eyewitness to his era and a brilliant creator.

From his gemology studies in Paris, he conserved his love of stones and ceaselessly enriched his knowledge from his daily experiences. Nothing makes him dream more than to plunge into the infinite world of precious stones. He knows all their subtleties, their lustre, their flaws, their strengths and all their diversity.


During his daily work in the creation and production of jewelry for his own brand, he experiments ceaselessly with different craftsmen in his workshop for new techniques, new tools and new ideas to dream up his creations. He is the agent of an inheritance in perpetual movement.

From his rich interpretation of the architectural traditions of old Beirut, one can see his passion for the antique jewelry of his two preferred periods: the pivotal Victorian period between the 19th and 20th centuries, and Art Deco at the beginning of the 20th century.



He has a particular preference for the unique patina and delightful quivering of sleepers decorated with rose-cut diamonds, and for the absolute elegance that made famous the signet rings and bracelets of the Art Deco period, in particular those of his teacher René Boivin.


But above all, what pleases Selim Mouzannar in an antique jewel is its poetry, the relationship it weaves between people, between the past generations which wore it and the woman of today who is going to choose it for its personality.

It is all this life which an antique piece of jewelry transports mysteriously within itself: a life of exchanges, experiences, encounters, discoveries, knowledge, this perpetual motion that was the charm of the souk of Beirut of his childhood, which he has reinvented today in his new shop, The Jeweler.

selim mouzannar’s engagement rings has selected a diamonds and black enamel ring from the Mina collection in its latest Best of engagement rings.


The black enamel delicately placed on the pink gold of the selim mouzannar rings from Mina collection reveals by contrast the sparkle and whiteness of the diamond, and gives an elegantly art deco style to the ring. A way to choose a singular and unique engagement ring.

Here is a selection of some rings from the Mina collection, perfect for a choice of engagement rings.



View Mina collection: here



Selim Mouzannar: As seen on Michelle Pfeiffer

MICHELLE PFEIFFER wearing selim mouzannar during the 74th Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 in Venice.


She is wearing selim mouzannar’s ring in pink gold set with diamonds, dark red enamel and rhodolite from Mina collection  and another ring in pink gold set with diamonds and morganite from Beirut Collection


Check the Mina collection online: here

Check the Beirut collection online: here

Selim Mouzannar: As seen on Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence had a crush for Selim Mouzannar’s choker from Istanbul collection!

Since she wore the jewel in the video “Movie Review or Wine Review?” in collaboration with OMAZE organization, the actress adopted it and wears it regularly!

The diamonds star’s matches perfectly whit her casual look!



Selim Mouzannar’s choker from Istanbul collection

View collection : here

Selim Mouzannar: As seen on Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is involved in charity actions and last week, she announced a partnership with OMAZE by donating to the Represent. Us charity. This organisation works to pass state and local anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money and fix broken elections in the United States.

In this video, broadcasted by Just.jared, Jennifer Lawrence explains that by donating to this cause, anyone is eligible to win a chance to go wine tasting with her in California.

Jennifer Lawrence is passionate by wine so, it will be a beautiful action to participate in the project and share this passion with her!

For the project, she chose Selim Mouzannar choker of the Istanbul collection. This beautiful jewel represents a star in diamonds which matches perfectly with the natural look of the actress.








Selim Mouzannar’s choker in pink gold and diamonds: Here


Selim Mouzannar: As seen on Miley Cyrus

In the Cosmopolitain of September 2017, discover the fabulous Miley Cyrus like you have never seen her. The magazine give us a beautiful portrait of Miley and bring us in the Cyrus family’s farmhouse.

Cosmopolitan September 2017 ContentsCosmopolitan September 2017 Story 1

Native of Nashville, Miley Cyrus perfectly sports the total look “cowgirl”. She chose Selim Mouzannar’s jewels of the Istanbul collection to bring a bright and glamour touch to her look.

The collection is characterized by a star that symbolizes success, the will to follow, and self-confidence. A perfect talisman for Miley Cyrus.

Cosmopolitan September 2017 Story2Cosmopolitan September 2017 Story 3

Selim Mouzannar’s earrings in pink gold set with diamonds and tanzanite: Here

Between nature and extravagance Miley Cyrus takes us in her secret garden.

Cosmopolitan September 2017 Story4Cosmopolitan September 2017 Story5

Selim Mouzannar’s bracelet in pink gold set with diamonds and morganites: Here

Parisian shooting Selim Mouzannar : Mina, Heritage and Transparence collections

On Friday, July 7th, the brand Selim Mouzannar organized a sunny shoot in a flowery park just a few steps from the Avenue des Champs Elysées. The team was accompanied by the beautiful model Magali Lange, brand ambassador of 2017. The shooting which theme was“green and pink” revealed sumptuous “haute couture” jewelery, unique pieces ideal for the red carpet.

At the end of the day, when the last sunrays reveal the bright, natural and unique colors of the precious stones, the photographer Sarah Clavelly captured sublime shoots.

Several collections were honored. First of all, in order to match with the green garden of the place, some pieces of the Mina and Heritage collections composed of emeralds were photographed.




Then, in harmony with the colorful petals of the park’s flowers, several pieces of pink sapphires from Mina, Transparence and Heritage collections have revealed tones and shades of bright roses.




Our favorite piece is the pink gold and pink sapphire pendant from the Heritage collection. This beautiful articulated jewel shows all its beauty and its singularity when it is in motion:

Selim Mouzannar As seen on: Vanessa Burggraf

Vanessa Burgraff, the famous chronicler of « On est pas couché” show diffused in France was delightful at the Cannes film Festival. Indeed, she chose a total black look with sparkling details. Thanks to the rhinestones of her dress and the black diamonds of her Selim Mouzannar choker of Beirut collection, the reporter was stunning.

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See all Beirut collection by Selim Mouzannar : here