The digital Magazine Le Point has made a portrait of Selim Mouzannar in the article "Mode, joaillerie, art de vivre... La liste de nos envies" of February 2018. It is when one discovers the jeweler's past that one understands one's works. His... Read More
The journalist, founder and author of the jewelry online magazine, Marion Fasel, made a red carpet jewelry selection for Moda Operanti's Trunk Show. Among talented creators, the journalist chose Selim Mouzannar's jewelry and pa... Read More
In September 2017, the jeweler Selim Mouzannar opened a new shop dedicated to vintage jewelery, in the historic district of Achrafieh in Beirut, just opposite his eponymous shop which has existed for more than 20 years. Coming from a family of... Read More has selected a diamonds and black enamel ring from the Mina collection in its latest Best of engagement rings. The black enamel delicately placed on the pink gold of the selim mouzannar rings from Mina collection reveals by contrast the ... Read More
MICHELLE PFEIFFER wearing selim mouzannar during the 74th Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 in Venice. She is wearing selim mouzannar's ring in pink gold set with diamonds, dark red enamel and rhodolite from Mina collection ... Read More
Jennifer Lawrence had a crush for Selim Mouzannar’s choker from Istanbul collection! Since she wore the jewel in the video "Movie Review or Wine Review?" in collaboration with OMAZE organization, the actress adopted it and wears it regularly! ... Read More
Jennifer Lawrence is involved in charity actions and last week, she announced a partnership with OMAZE by donating to the Represent. Us charity. This organisation works to pass state and local anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, en... Read More
In the Cosmopolitain of September 2017, discover the fabulous Miley Cyrus like you have never seen her. The magazine give us a beautiful portrait of Miley and bring us in the Cyrus family’s farmhouse. Native of Nashville, Miley Cyrus perfec... Read More
On Friday, July 7th, the brand Selim Mouzannar organized a sunny shoot in a flowery park just a few steps from the Avenue des Champs Elysées. The team was accompanied by the beautiful model Magali Lange, brand ambassador of 2017. The shooting which ... Read More
Vanessa Burgraff, the famous chronicler of « On est pas couché” show diffused in France was delightful at the Cannes film Festival. Indeed, she chose a total black look with sparkling details. Thanks to the rhinestones of her dress and the black... Read More
Emeralds Reign Over the Month of May The emerald is not only an exquisite gem, it's also the official birthstone for May Why not celebrate the month when flowers start to bloom again with this season's most beautiful emerald jewels in the freshest... Read More
Tsavorite, a form of grossular garnet, is a relative newcomer in the ancient world of gemstones. The luxuriant gem, which ranges in color from a light to a deep grass-green, was first discovered by Scottish-born geologist Campbell Bridges in Tanzania... Read More
The cast of "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" looked stunning on the red carpet at the movie premiere held at SVA Theater in New York City. The movie which is one of TV queen Oprah Winfrey’s latest project (she is the Executive Producer... Read More
Kastak story: from 19th century Dandy style to the 21st century VOGUE cover. If “Kastak” sounds Turkish, it is because it comes from the Ottoman art of jewelry. In the 19th century, Kastak was the watch’s chain model used to connect the w... Read More
A glimpse of the Panel Talk with Nada Ghazal and Selim Mouzannar, moderated by Katerina Perez and Michael Young. The Panel Talk took place during 'Lets Talk Jewelry' week organized by Mariana Wehbe Public Relations. To the very serious questio... Read More
Isabelle Adjani plays the precious game of Amal necklace. Isabelle Adjani was in Beirut at the end of February at a dinner given in his honor by French Ambassador Emmanuel Bonne at the Résidence des Pins. The actress was more fascinating than e... Read More

The letter

Tradition is not a reactionary concept. This set of gestures, of rituals and values that we repeat and transmit, is a pillar without which our lives would be reduced to an egoistic and selfish pattern. At Maison Selim Mouzannar, a house steeped in hi... Read More

A character…

The first time Selim invited me to lunch, as part of my work as a fashion and jewelry journalist, he picked me up in his Vespa. This means that I held him in my arms before I even shook his hand. We went to Casablanca, a restaurant he likes because i... Read More
“Jewels representing a unique and indispensable link this collection reflects the multiple facets and various relationships between human beings.” Selim Mouzannar The Link Collection is a careful juxtaposition of raw, natural materials with t... Read More

Fortune Foretold

“As good luck would have it…” William Shakespeare The Fortune Collection connects the horse stables of the past with the good fortune of the future. Selim Mouzannar has looked beyond Beirut’s last and modernised Ottoman opulence (not for ... Read More
This week, American actress Emma Stone wore Selim Mouzannar jewellery to the premiere of her latest film, La La Land, at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. Emma Stone wearing earrings and rings from the Istanbul Collection Emma Stone wore pieces from... Read More
The Mediterraneo Collection is Selim Mouzannar’s way of paying homage to one of his greatest sources of inspiration. The Mediterranean Sea ties together the orient and occident, a connection that symbolises Selim’s own design philosophy, as refle... Read More
“For Amal means ‘hope.’ Assembling Muzo Colombian emeralds of various sizes and shades, the Amal necklace is a message of hope for a united and reconciled humanity, in a world where nature will have reasserted itself.” Selim Mouzannar Sel... Read More
Last month, celebrated actress Emilia Clarke wore Selim Mouzannar earrings during a press conference and photo-call at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City. Emilia Clarke wearing earrings from the Link Collection The English actress, famous fo... Read More
Last month, Selim Mouzannar’s jewellery was featured in an article on as part of an interview with the founder of Grayscale PR, Fallon Nachmani. Nachmani heads up the public relations team that represents Selim Mouzannar in the United ... Read More

The Keys of Beirut

The Beirut Key collection unites the soul of the city of Beirut with an ancient custom to deliver a timeless, beautiful jewellery collection. Diamonds & Pink Sapphires There is an old ritual, dating back as far as the Middle Ages, whereby towns w... Read More
Last week, American Actress Amy Adams wore Selim Mouzannar jewellery on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.   Amy Adams on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon The Golden Globe winning and five-time Oscar nominated actress, famed for he... Read More
This spring, Selim Mouzannar is launching his much anticipated new Hydra Collection. Inspired by the Greek mythical island, and its surrounding turquoise waters, the Hydra Collection reflects the eternal beauty of nature. The exquisite combination... Read More
This month, Selim Mouzannar’s Beirut Collection featured in Stylist, one of the United Kingdom’s leading weekly fashion magazines. As part of the Special Edition Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Issue, Selim’s diamond and sapphire adorned ring, fr... Read More
This month, American Actress and Filmmaker Greta Gerwig wore Selim Mouzannar jewellery at the 66th Annual International Film Festival Berlin. For the premiere of her new film, Maggie’s Plan, Greta wore Selim’s Diamond and Morganite earrings, f... Read More
The Istanbul Collection has captured the essence of the city’s midnight sky, transforming it into these refined pieces of jewellery. Selim Mouzannar has drawn his inspiration from classical Ottoman architecture and the natural surroundings up above... Read More
The Kastak Collection, inspired by the region’s Ottoman past, is one truly like no other. Selim Mouzannar has combined Ottoman and Victorian jewellery traditions, with his own innovative sense of style, to create these modern heirlooms. Selim, a... Read More
The subtle, yet enchanting glow of the moon at night has been brought down from the sky in Selim Mouzannar’s Moon Collection. The careful selection of multi-coloured Sea of Tranquillity sapphires gives each of these pieces a unique, infinite reflec... Read More
Selim Mouzannar is known for taking his inspiration from the history and architecture of the Middle East for his jewellery, and the Mille et Une Nuits collection is no exception. Scheherazade looked to the sparkling midnight sky for inspiration fo... Read More
Selim Mouzannar’s design philosophy is all about creativity and innovation. His latest venture, the Macle Jewel Collective, is an ode to these principles. Using his expertise and experience within the fine jewellery industry, Selim launched this pr... Read More