MICHELLE PFEIFFER wearing selim mouzannar during the 74th Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 in Venice. She is wearing selim mouzannar's ring in pink gold set with diamonds, dark red enamel and rhodolite from Mina collection ... Read More
Jennifer Lawrence had a crush for Selim Mouzannar’s choker from Istanbul collection! Since she wore the jewel in the video "Movie Review or Wine Review?" in collaboration with OMAZE organization, the actress adopted it and wears it regularly! ... Read More
Jennifer Lawrence is involved in charity actions and last week, she announced a partnership with OMAZE by donating to the Represent. Us charity. This organisation works to pass state and local anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, en... Read More
In the Cosmopolitain of September 2017, discover the fabulous Miley Cyrus like you have never seen her. The magazine give us a beautiful portrait of Miley and bring us in the Cyrus family’s farmhouse. Native of Nashville, Miley Cyrus perfec... Read More