The letter

Tradition is not a reactionary concept. This set of gestures, of rituals and values that we repeat and transmit, is a pillar without which our lives would be reduced to an egoistic and selfish pattern. At Maison Selim Mouzannar, a house steeped in hi... Read More

A character…

The first time Selim invited me to lunch, as part of my work as a fashion and jewelry journalist, he picked me up in his Vespa. This means that I held him in my arms before I even shook his hand. We went to Casablanca, a restaurant he likes because i... Read More
“Jewels representing a unique and indispensable link this collection reflects the multiple facets and various relationships between human beings.” Selim Mouzannar The Link Collection is a careful juxtaposition of raw, natural materials with t... Read More

Fortune Foretold

“As good luck would have it…” William Shakespeare The Fortune Collection connects the horse stables of the past with the good fortune of the future. Selim Mouzannar has looked beyond Beirut’s last and modernised Ottoman opulence (not for ... Read More